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We dedicate this website to all of the current and up and coming DJ’s all over the world, from Gangsta Rap to Dr.Dre, DJ Snake and Eazy-E.

We scour the worlds music scene to highlight the most popular mobile music and general Club and DJ Scene. We don’t have any particular preconceived types of music, we just show the most played and most popular. This could be Rock, Heavy Metal or anything. Email the team your favourites or if you would like us to listen to some new sounds. Music Is Our Life

Our recommended Songs for 2016 are as follows:

Dr. Dre


Dr Snake – Lil Jon


G-Eazy x Bebe Rexha


If you have ever heard of Arabian Prince aka Professor X, then you will understand why this website exists. We have dedicated the whole website to the Hardcore / Hip Hop Groups out there that deserve to have there music heard. The term “Straight Outa Compton” was first used in 1989 with The Arabian Prince, highlighting that some people even now mimic past artists. ( JayZ are you listening) Other Artists such as the Egyptian Lover & Jamie Jupiter are also true legends in there artist field, and should be fully acknowledged for there huge contribution to Music.


We have added below some fantastic supporters to our Music and Mobile Sounds resources:





An interesting Video has been added below from The Arabian Prince – A seriously informative view of things in the Music Industry:

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